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  • Umbrella arc is 60 diameter
  • Fiberglass Ribs & Shaft for Strength & Flexibility
  • Durable brass telescopic tube is lightweight
  • Ball retriever fully extended provides 94 in length
  • Matching Nylon Sheath
  • May be custom imprinted on sheath & panels
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    Almost every golfer carries a large umbrella but only a few golfers carry a ball retriever mainly because the lack of bag space. We have the answer with a retractable ball retriever built into the handle of a golf umbrella. The Hole-n-one umbrella retriever simply works by extending the retriever from the handle. Retrieve your ball from the water or hazard and retract the ball retriever back into the handle of your umbrella until needed the next time. This is a great 2 in 1 product that can be used by all golfers.